Document Certification

Our Pharmacist is able to perform a range of duties and responsibilities. Some common services include: 

- Verification of Identity for Banks, Superannuation, Government, Telcos, Universities & Academic Institutions etc 

- Online Police Checks 

- Document Verification Services 

We currently partner with PharmacyID to provide the face-to-face component of the Verification of Identity (VoI) process. PharmacyID is the safest VoI company in Australia.  Verification of identity services, such as Police Checks can be started online, then completed by visiting one of our Pharmacy locations Australia wide where our pharmacists will check original identity documents face-to-face, there is no need to upload documents online. 

PharmacyID takes identity proofing to the highest level by providing face-to-face identification. The only way to be certain about a person’s identity is to take the last step in the VoI process and use the PharmacyID network.  This avoids the proliferation of AI and deepfakes. 


The Infinity Group

At The Infinity Group, we believe that having a local team who are focused on the needs of each individual patient is essential to the well being of the community - we aim to provide the highest standard of care whilst collaborating with our healthcare professionals to deliver education, awareness and continuous improvement.